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Canoe Dordogne itinerary Canoe decouverte

Our Rental Canoe Dordogne itinerary

Canoës Découverte Dordogne offers you a wide choice of interesting routes. 1h to 5h are then necessary (depending on the route) to reach the finish line down the river, you have the boats until 19h to picnic and swim along the route.

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Tour 1

the 3 Castles

La Roque Gageac - Vézac

Tour 2

the 3 Castles

Beynac - Port d'Enveaux

Tour 3

the 6 Castles

La Roque Gageac - Port d'Enveaux

Tour 4

the 5 Castles

Carsac - Vézac

Tour 5

the 7 Castles

Carsac - Port d'Enveaux

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